Plantar Wart Treatments







HEMPCIN is a Unique, Fast Acting, All Natural Pain Relief Cream that offers Targeted Pain Relief.  
HEMPCIN employs:

  • Premium Full Spectrum HEMP– including CBD, CBG and other Cannabinoids that provide Strong pain relief and anti-inflammatory action for injured areas
  • All Natural Menthol that offers Powerful cooling with quick pain relief for aching joints
  • Healing Arnica montana extract that delivers incredible healing powers for the reduction in pain and bruising
  • Ancient, Boswell errata extract that provides support for joint health, movement and immune system health

“After dispensing similar products to treat multiple patients with inflammatory abnormalities, i.e. plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, arthritis, etc., I have found HEMPCIN, containing menthol, Arnica, and CBD, to be the product with a rapid onset and highest efficacy” said Dr. Michael Cook DPM Miami, Florida.

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