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VIRCIN Advanced Wart Treatment



VIRCIN is a wart medication that employs an immuno-modulator along with salicylic acid and an anti-viral to provide a one-two-three punch in combating plantar warts.

What makes VIRCIN unique is that it is the only product that contains both an antiviral and an immuno-modulator.

The antiviral kills the HPV virus and the immuno-modulator triggers an immune response to clear the virus and prevent recurrence.

In a clinical study VIRCIN cleared plantar warts in 88% of patients.


What physicians are saying about VIRCIN:

“I had a patient who was a young girl with a severely resistant plantar wart. We tried everything, including freezing and other modalities.

She was visibly in pain, crying and not able to tolerate much more. I tried VIRCIN, which was pain-free and after a few weeks this persistent wart, which caused so much suffering, was gone.”

Dr. C. Chauncey, Fountain Valley, CA


“One of my patients had suffered with more than 30 warts for over 7 years despite weekly debridement and in office application of acid to the warts and at home daily acid applications. His entire right 5th toe was one giant wart.

After only 2 weeks the right 5th toe is back to normal and many of the other warts have been eliminated. It has become my first line of treatment for verrucae.”

Dr. de los Reyes, DPM Southbury, CT


“ I am very pleased with your product, Vircin. My patients have had great results using this topical medication. Patients, as well as myself are pleased with the short amount of time Vircin takes to treat verucca and how gentle the topical medication is on the surrounding skin.”

Dr. Snyder, DPM, Gaithersburg, MD


“This gel is really working. I have worked it into my practice protocol for wart treatments and the patients are happy not to have as many acid treatments (torture!). I think it will be the standard of care in the future.”

Dr. Debra Young, DPM , Chicago, IL


“I had a patient with over 100 warts with 2 large mosaic warts on both heels. This patient had seen several doctors over multiple years with no discernible results.

In less than three months this patient was down to 1 small wart, with both heels completely clear. VIRCIN has changed my attitude to treating warts. I no longer see them as a frustration because I now have something to provide to my patients”

Dr. Jay Harmelin, DPM Linwood, NJ


“I use Vircin with patients who have had difficult to treat warts. Vircin works quite well in clearing their warts”

Dr. Emanuel Haber, DPM, Paramus, NJ


“This product in just a few weeks did the job that over the counter plantar wart treatments could not do in 6 months.

It was easy, painless and immensely gratifying to watch that annoying wart just peel away, layer by layer. S.S. – From one of my patients

Dr. Elliot Diamond DPM, Philadelphia, PA


“As a practicing podiatrist, I had a persistent wart for over 30 years.

In podiatry school, numerous therapies were use to resolve the wart including multiple acid treatments and three laser removals, nothing worked until I tried VIRCIN. I have now been wart free for the first time in 30 years.”

Dr R. Berkowitz Clifton Park, NY


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